Quintessential French Polynesia Honeymoon

The quintessential honeymoon destination awaits in French Polynesia. In this article, we will showcase the epitome of a honeymoon experience in this captivating paradise.

Who hasn’t dreamt at least once of the remote islands of French Polynesia, nestled in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, as their honeymoon destination?

Turning dreams into reality, Tahiti, the largest island of the archipelago, offers easy accessibility from major airports in Los Angeles, Tokyo, Auckland, and Sydney.

These enchanting islands can be seamlessly integrated into your tailor-made itinerary as an extension. However, if your preference is solely for white beaches and crystal-clear waters, they can also serve as a standalone destination by visiting multiple islands.

So, here it is my quintessential itinerary in French Polynesia for your honeymoon!


After landing in Tahiti and catching our breath, we’ll venture to the nearby island of Moorea. Its emerald-green landscapes and azure-blue waters are sure to captivate us.

We’ll luxuriate in Moorea for at least three nights before a brief domestic flight transports us to Bora Bora, where our quintessential honeymoon in French Polynesia continues.

Dominated by Mount Otemanu, Bora Bora stands as the most renowned volcanic island in the archipelago. Here, we’ll indulge in four nights at one of the Luxury Resorts we recommend, enveloped by the coral reef and its motus, featuring pristine white sand atolls.

Before bidding farewell to this earthly paradise, we’ll journey to Taha’a for the final three nights. Known for its fragrant vanilla plantations, tranquil ambiance, and warm-hearted locals, Taha’a will welcome us like family and ensure a memorable end to our journey.

On our return journey, we’ll pause for an additional night in Tahiti, where we’ll have the chance to marvel at its unique black volcanic beaches before concluding our unforgettable honeymoon in French Polynesia.

NO MORE BEYOND | If you’re seeking excellence, I highly recommend Tetiaroa! It’s the most exclusive private island in French Polynesia, once owned by Marlon Brando, who, captivated by its dreamy beaches and unspoiled nature during the filming of ‘Mutiny on the Bounty,’ fell deeply in love with it.

The Brando is a highly eco-friendly resort frequented by numerous Hollywood stars.

Quintessential French Polynesia Honeymoon

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